Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl is here! Get information and links for players, events, and to helpful posts by the mobile community about how to approach the promo.

Start Date: 1/20/2019
End Date: 1/28/2019 10:30 AM Eastern (22 days)

Note: PB Sets end 1/28 10:30 AM Eastern! Ignore events loaded for 1 full day past that.

Events: Remaining, Next, and End

Those with the * asterisk are first win only. Times listed in EST.


Want to estimate how much currency you can get from events? Or how many times you need to play an event to reach your goal?

Forum Posts

Key points, strategy, exchange rates, and more
Pro Bowl Promo - Explained by Rshoots


Exchange Rates (Helmets Conference Specific)

ROOT Tools Links

PB Diamond III

PB Heros (Non-Auctionable)

OOP Pro Bowl (Non-Auctionable)

PB Veterans



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